One thing only I do fell worse than dying:

Things regained hardly loosing again.

Sure thing somehow it might not happen,

If I could know things will happen.

With permission,

I could have done more.

More than I am capable of now,

Less then I was capable of before.


the thing we’ve been fighting for long.


the thing we all hope could avoid.

But sometimes, it’s the only thing that can save us from it.

No matter how the thing goes,

There’s one fact that will never change:

We will prejudge our cal today after today,

To see if anything could have been done.


Why do that?

It’s your call,

So feel proud of it.

Don’t balme yourself,

It’s not your fault.

It has never been,

It has always been.

It’s the system,

That failed us all.

Hey, it’s over.

It’s really really over.

Nothing else.

It’s done.

Why you just can’t understand?


Don’t seek my inside.

I can’t stop you,

For the feelings I have of you.

But please stop.

It’s dark and twisty.

Come find me,

I am hiding.

Please leave me,

I am crying.

Smell comes from my back.

It’s her, her body.

Sound comes from my back.

It’s her, her soul.

Strange things do happen,

For I have no feelings with her.

The girl I really like,

Might not know it’s true.

Call me by my name,

I have several of them.

Please don’t make one for me,

The ones I wish could be gone.