Statement of Future Planning and Possible Migration

Dear Viewers of C86 Say Chise!:

I am very pleased and sorry to announce that, in the foreseeable future, this site will no longer be updated with new new contents and may be possibly closed down if there such situation continues.

This decision, or situation, is caused by the recent positive development of my clinical depression as well as the tightening of my future planning. Currently, besides persuading my academic excellence, I am also actively maintaining C86 AyanamiCore as well as the Ultramarine Wings. They both take up a great amount of time.

If an permeant shutdown is decided, then a copy of this site will be made and sent to ACUnion Kizunami’s Archiv. You will be automatically redirected to the Archiv when using your old link.

Thank you for your understanding, and for your accompany throughout these hard years.

Chise Hachiroku

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