Come find me,

I am hiding.

Please leave me,

I am crying.

Smell comes from my back.

It’s her, her body.

Sound comes from my back.

It’s her, her soul.

Strange things do happen,

For I have no feelings with her.

The girl I really like,

Might not know it’s true.

Call me by my name,

I have several of them.

Please don’t make one for me,

The ones I wish could be gone.

Being the center of the things.

Located on the border of the regions.

I am somehow here.

Alone, yet satisfied.

Quietly, another year past.

The annoying number increased by one.

A new year might be what it was.

But can be different all the time.

Ten notes make difference to heart.

Dozen pens fulfil an empty pencilbox.

Same pitch, changed instrument and pace.

Same number, changed type and faith.

It’s a story about love, and a not-so- strange hero.

The one who lost childhood but gain along seek.

Praised and welcomed by everyone.

The one I was and want to be.


“Why I did that?” I ask myself.

Doing such shameless thing just isn’t my style.

But still I did. I did it hard.