Recolonize your faith,

claim it.


Follow your faith,

keep it.


Seize your faith,

catch it.

What we need,

what we want,

what we desire,

what we lost.


Sometimes these four things

are actually one.

One single matter.

Awards can encourage,

As well as discourage.

Every coin has two sides,

bright and dark, positive and pain.

Think positively, you will become positive.

Think otherwise, you will become depressed.

Depression may refer to pain torture and sickness.


No one deserve to be punished.

No devil form out of nowhere. 

Mortal man come from experience,

ordinarily is sometimes enough.


Names on the wall can be good or bad,

good as angels, bad as angels.

Knowing people isn’t enough,

know a person matters most.

Great expectations leads to greater pressure. Pressure cause pain.

To maintenance, to survive, to fit in.

Smaller things could get huge by people, giant could be ignored by selfish, cowardice and betrayal.

Good qualities like selfless, bravery and loyalty, gone with the wind.

People are’t pigs, but probably yes. 

Fragile souls, please stay strong. Hang on, the end is near.

Near, yet distant.

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The World.

Disagreement. Dissatisfaction. Disappointment. Disappearance.

The path towards outside, the struggle happens inside, the sight of future, the autopsy of mankind.

The thought of oneself, the study of daylight, the senceary of sunrise, the one of sacrifice.

Shell see you again, could meet you again, might love you again.

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Ridiculous things are’t ridiculous in some ways.

They are wisdom, so wise that can’t be recolonized,

beyond place and time.


Daylight, the sunrise we shell wait.

The dawn we shell face.

The life we must date.

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